How To Wear Suits

This is not to teach everyone how to wear a suit, but what are the benefits of wearing a suit and when to wear a suit.

My answer is particularly simple, differentiated competition. The places that fewest wears, the more advantages you wear.

Let us think of it from both positive and negative aspects.

Wearing a suit, what is the most common comment by the people around you?

Are you going to sell insurance today? What properties do you recommend? Dressed so formally, going to get married today?

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It is indeed very embarrassing to hear. Even if you’re wearing a grass green outfit, it’s considered official. Chinese keyword for suits is formal, even if you wear tight shorts, once there is a jacket, you are dressing formal.

But basically, among people who like to wear suits, very few want to wear black tie every day, which is what knowledgeable people think of formal. We actually want to relax! But, forget it, don’t try to change other people’s minds, let it be formal as they call it.

If your work and life environment is all sportswear or street fashion, then be formal.

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Immediately you will be in the spotlight. There is no such thing as bad publicity, someone watches, and you win. Whether it’s attracting the opposite sex, or in the business field, the big policy must still be a little different, outstanding.

If your appearance is outstanding, it is normal that someone doesn’t like it and you can’t make everyone like you, nor can you have everyone’s business.

But if someone likes you and you happen to like him, wonderful.

After saying where to wear, we move to where not to wear.

Outdoor sports and other functional requirements for clothing, or it is easy to get dirty and wrinkled with a baby, this is common sense, but my point is don’t wear suits when enthusiasts gather.

A group of junior suit enthusiasts together, the favorite thing is to touch each other, rummage through your inside, look at your breast pocket shape, and quietly scan your fabric label. How boring!

Intermediate level, direct eyes kill, let me see your rotator cuffs in one, see if your chest is pushed big, the front piece flies, the beads aren’t fine enough, boy.

Advanced level, you have to stand aside if your details are not new, or fabrics are not rare.

David Ricardo’s theory of competitive advantage is mainly about national trade, get really good at some trade, then exchange, the overall production efficiency is improved. It is similar to Adam Smith’s division of labor, but the scale is a little larger.

If clothing makes us cool on the one hand, and bringing social value is on the other hand, social value is certainly not produced internally, but in exchange for the superior products of other countries. For wearing a suit, it is good to let others see your way of dressing, and then be interested in you.

Later, it’s up to you to play on your own.