My Shoe Collection, 10995 from Magnanni

Which Spanish shoe brand has the biggest market share globally? The answer is not Carmina or Meermin, but Magnanni. Magnanni never intents to plow in niche market and defines itself a fashion house. It sells in many grand department stores around the world. Although it is a fashion brand, it differentiates itself with quality. Lasts of Magnanni is elongated and it has a unique design which I call SIDE SCAR.

In my pair of 10995, you can see the pattern. Let us dive in.


Magnanni is very popular just because of its elongated and sharp shape. I don’t think Spanish brands normally love this style and Magnanni apparently is influenced by Italy.


Three eyelets derby with reversed stitched apron plus SIDE SCAR! You simply cannot defer it as a fashion brand with so much craftsmanship inside!

SIDE SCAR is at the outer waist. In construction section I will explain more.

Three eyelets derby can be country or city, this sleek and elongated one clearly goes the latter way.

Reserve stitch are not widely seen in Ready to Wear shoes as it must be done by hand, and Italian brand Bontoni is famous for this technique. As a fashion brand, this kind of job is amazing.


Leather quality is so amazing and much exceeds my expectation.


The most interesting place of Magnanni.

Quite narrow waist is the benefit of Blake construction. As Blake stitched shoes, the edge is well trimmed.

Then there are two funny details.

Copper nails at the waist. I believe the purpose is to improve wear resistance of leather sole. and the distance between interval copper nails are in harmony.

When we move the forefoot of outsole, we cannot find stitches anymore? Where are the stitches? The answer is the stitches move upward to the side of the shoes. That is super innovative!

The making process should be the sole are fully Blake stitched, then the side was pushed up to form a rounder edge, and because Magnanni uses quite soft leather sole, the stitches moved altogether.


Let us continue with aforementioned side Blake stitches.

Leather sole was pulled up then connected with upper and sewn together just like the apron.

The most iconic SIDE SCAR is achieved by the same method.

Before I owned this pair of shoes, SIDE SCAR impressed me only with the aesthetics, but when I looked at how it is achieved, I know it is a combination of innovation and skill. Sole leather is much thicker and harder than upper leather and to make it into any other shape is not an easy job.

Insole is also very surprising that this pair is actually Bolognese construction, because you foot does not stand on midsole but upper leather.


Spanish shoe brands don’t like give model names and only with a serial number which is very unfriendly to customers.

Size says EU39 and US6.5M. In my universe, EU39 equals UK6 and US7. Is it because Magnanni’s last is wide? I am not sure.


Just like another Spanish brand Lottusse, they don’t intent to sell to shoe enthusiasts, but their quality and craftsmanship are still very great.