My Shoe Collection, A563 from Paolo Scafora

Italy is the temple of menswear, whether it is style, or brand, to the fabric factory, Italy is the king. Superluxuries like Loro Piana and Kiton can also be found in this country. When it comes to shoe brands, that’s not the case.

Orthodox and conservative Italian shoe brands such as Santoni and a. testoni were regarded second tier, fashion houses Gucci and Ferragamo are not talked due their low quality products, But Tramezza collection from Ferragamo is recognized by shoe enthusiasts, why? Because it was manufactured by Paolo Scafora. (Now it seems that the Special Edition is, and Tramezza collection was made in Zefer plant.).

Paolo Scafora is very different in Italy, because when most Italian shoemakers focus on Blake construction, Paolo Scafora uses Goodyear and Norwegese construction, both are sturdier and tougher than Blake.

Let us have a look at my pair.


I think this angle tells the whole story you need to know, a very typical Italian last which is round but elongated. I certainly don’t understand the purpose of this elongation.


Purely boring cap toe oxford, but in brown, not black. There is an imperfection here, which is the crease goes into the cap toe.


Closed channel Goodyear construction with single leather sole.


When I first looked at the leather up close, I knew that the quality was top-notch, super delicate, toughness and hardness were perfectly maintained.


This is a pair of very low-profile high-quality shoes, with impeccable leather quality. The only issue is the last not mine.