My Shoe Collection, Sienna Hatch Grain George from Sons of Henrey

Sons of Henrey is a Belgian brand with the concept of Timeless Elegance. The selling point is to mimic Edward Green at much more affordable price and with great leather quality and options.

George is its first model and the best seller ever since.

My pair is made of Hatch Grain leather from Horween, colour Sienna.

Let us have a close look.


Split toe derby is so popular that not a single brand is confident enough to not include this model into its collection. And the aesthetics is varied. I can think of super long split toe of Paolo Scafora and Saint Crispin’s, roomy toe of Avignon from Paraboot. But the pinnacle of this model is indisputably Dover from Edward Green.

I once came across a nickname of Dover, the Rolls Royce of the beaters. The name is well on the spot, you cannot think out of anything more luxury than donning Dover as beaters in tough climate.

This pair of George is my beater with every element fits.


Sons of Henrey has four last, Classic Round, Square, Temporary Almond and Loafer respectively. You can relate them to Edward Green 202, 606, 82 and 184, this one sits on Almond.

Comparing to its Classic Round, this Almond is narrower and slightly elongated.


I know many buy Sons of Henrey as affordable Edward Green, but in my eyes, you should pay for its leather rather than mimic.

Once some leather gains momentum in this community, even before the wave, Sons of Henrey would release its latest collection incorporating this fantastic leather options.

Hatch Grain is the Horween version of the extremely hot replica Russian grain, the so called sank ship leather. Even the replica was developed by English tannery J.F.Baker, Horween Hatch Grain is more accessible.

Their texture is different which Horween Hatch Grain is stripped and J.F.Baker diamond.


Sons of Henrey is made in Spain, and the factory it uses is making shoes for many brands and they are all the hottest in the market in recent years.

Personally I feel Sons of Henrey deserves better factory as its leather quality is on par with much higher end shoemakers. The craftsmanship of this factory is average to say the best, check its apron stitches and the edge finishing of the seam.

Welt is not bad at all, no matter it is the fudge density or the stitches, I think it says quality very loud.

Out Sole

Stud rubber sole from Dainite, very suitable for outdoor.

Size and Fit

I wear UK5 from many brands and on many lasts, and this Almond is quite narrow that I have to take half size up.


George may be the best seller of Sons of Henrey, but for me, Beater is where it belongs to, I am not sure whether they are Timeless or not, I know I cannot read Elegance out of its craftsmanship.