My Shoe Collection, J.M.Weston 392

In welted (loose definition including Goodyear and Blake construction) shoes field, French brands are quite interesting. Let us first put John Lobb aside as that it is regarded English or French never ends an argument. Two prominent brands Berluti and Corthay were loved by a limited community and known more like high street fashion. The


这是遇到的一双NOS,New Old Stock,就是鞋子虽然是新的,但是库存时间比较久的鞋子。买完以后就恨不得抽自己大耳刮子,都不可能穿的鞋子,买了干嘛。媒体有时候是非常害人的,一些点就触动了你,然后就花了不该花的钱。一起来看看我犯了什么抽。 Post Views: 402