Unboxing Balmoral Oxford from Badia

I have unboxed two pairs of Badia, one loafer and one oxford. Maybe known to some, the founder of Badia, JIANG Daoyuan is classmate of ZHAO Ruoda in Stefano Bemer studio, and the latter is the factory manager of Mattina. So when Badia first released, many can tell their shoes are so close looking. Later on, Badia rebirths to have all new lasts and patterns, and I can tell its own flavor emerged.

In 2021 China Trunk Show in Shanghai, Badia did not book a booth to display, however JIANG Daoyuan came and showed off handsewn skills at Oct Tenth Booth. JIANG Daoyuan is a very low profile and tender boy, and his passion for shoes are unmatchable.

Let us have a look at this pair.


Racing green shoe box. In my memory, we have two Chinese brands choosing this colour, the other one is SLIMSHOES. The logo of Badia is vertically placed, quite unusual. Maybe this pair is a special order, no sticker or any information on the side.

Foam paper to prevent collision.

Shoe bag is in earthy yellow, and the material is the same as another Chinese brand JINZHI.


When I had the shoes in my hand, the first impression is they are too Italian! What do I mean. Elongated.

JIANG Daoyuan studied shoemaking in Italy, and he is tall and thin, his shoes should be like this, right?

The toe is chiseled which can shorten the toe to some extent. If you look at the right pair, you feel all the sharp and streamline, and the left pair tells you have very enough room inside especially width.

The line from instep to forefoot is a little aggressive.


Like anyone in the community knows, I love black oxford, so this pair is one of them, and the most traditional and elegant one, Balmoral.

The first oxford shoes came from Balmoral boots, so the pattern inherited Balmoral which the quarter line runs till back heel. Sarcastically, this most iconic oxford lost its fame in recent years maybe due to its formal touch.

I love Balmoral as it is so discreet.

As an academically born shoemaker, JIANG Daoyuan chooses the orthodox way to make products, boring design with unique signature last.

A small design that the dog tail connects with the balmoral line.

The most beautiful angle is the outside profile, the lines are fine and harmonious.

Out Sole

Painted full black sole. for a pair of black shoes, you cannot be wrong with black sole, right?


Stitch density is very good even in the waist.


Sock lining seems not luxury enough.

A special order for me.


I hope I wear more of his shoes, I hope more people love Badia shoes.

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