Unboxing Cap Toe Oxford Magnolia from J.Fitzpatrick

J.FitzPatrick is not famous for its classic and conservative models, however it doesn’t mean J.FitzPatrick does not offer these wardrobe staples.

If you have to pick up the most boring model in J.FitzPatrick lineup, Magnolia wins without any opponent in the sight. But how boring is this model? Let us have a check.


Watermelon red shoe box is very unique in the market.

Same colour shoe bag, and the packaging is truly minimalist.

A pair of back up flat shoe laces. I love flat ones as they are more exquisite and formal.


TMG is the first last J.FitzPatrick released and was developed by Tony Gaziano, the master last maker who has the prestigious brand Gaziano & Girling. The temporary round toe is very elegant and exquisite.


Cap Toe Oxford, quite boring, isn’t it? Don’t rush too fast.

Please look closely to the cap toe and quarter lines, do you notice they are three threads?

Three lines of stitches could easily make the element bulky, however J.FitzPatrick keeps them very tightly aside with others, the element is only noticed for some one who appreciates shoes deeply.

Quarter lines also implement this element and that is the design point of this boring pair cap toe oxford.


John Lobb introduced museum calf into dress shoes industry, and I had the experience also from John Lobb on that pair of Towcester.

Museum calf imitates the patina of time and it is a subtle elegance.


Close channel Goodyear construction, the sole of J.FitzPatrick has one feature other brands do not pay attention to, that is the colour of the sole matches upper leather which is trivial but luxury.

Edge fudge on the welt is well executed.


Inner lining is one whole piece and made of fine calf. Sock lining is also high quality.


Is this pair really boring? I say yes, but to a good extent.