Unboxing Double Monk Pony from Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES

Yearn Shoemaker has gained a lot of attention globally because of its handmade specification and retailer in UK, Arterton. In China, Yearn Shoemaker uses the brand SLIMSHOES to emphasize their shoes are slim looking while generous in fitting. In my opinion, what sets Yearn Shoemaker apart is not that they are handwelted and handstitched, but the very aggressive lasts. The impact is stunning.

Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES has a big advantage over other brands in this niche markets, it has three mono-brand boutiques in Chengdu.

Let us have a look at its product.


Shoe box is actually racing green but appears grey comparing to the grass.

Information was handwritten on the sticker, model name Pony, colour black, customer Mr. Fu, size 38.

Remove the cover, the Hermes orange shoe horn pops out. The leather wrapped shoe horn is outstanding. The shoe bag is made on dense linen.

Print paper does not have logos just as other brands, but one sentence in Chinese, MADE IN CHINA.


Founder of Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES, Mr. FU Jie shares an idea with me which is combining Asian wider feet with elegance of dress shoes invented in Europe.

This last is classic round, very English. The transition from toe to the purposedly wider forefoot is harmonious.

If I have to choose a reference last, it will be last 7000 from John Lobb, and Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES makes the toe slightly squared.


Cap toe double monk. Very classic and conservative design.

I love to review the classic models as almost every brand offers so to judge its goodness is easier.


The upper looks quite fine.

Out Sole

Painted out sole with logo at forefoot. Copper nails are grouped in three.


Yearn Shoemaker is closely linked to Vass as both handstitch outsole. While clearly Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES has much higher density.

Fudge is added to cover the stitches.

Welt is rounded at waist.

Connecting point of welt is almost invisible.


Black sock lining is a very great choice to elevate luxury feeling just like what Gaziano & Girling does.

Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES uses full sock lining which is more seen on bespoke shoes to cover the bump of handwelting.


Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES is certainly a bang for its price.

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    1. 从鞋子本身来说,还没有一眼心动的感觉。而且确实很爱擦色。。。。。

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