Unboxing Harvey from Sons of Henrey

This model is the best seller from Belgian brand Sons of Henrey in China, and it sold out so quickly every time when it was stocked. What makes Harvey so lovable? The answer is boring, no, I don’t mean the answer is boring, I mean the shoes are boring. But I think the words boring and classic are interchangeable in classic menswear.

The brand concept of Sons of Henrey is TIMELESS ELEGANCE, well, it can be any serious classic dress shoe brand’s, the real differentiator is Sons of Henrey copies Edward Green.

Copying Edward Green is not new, and I can count more than 10 brands doing so, and Sons of Henrey still is the best. Why? The founder, Tom Brone went straight to last maker Springline which developed last 202 for Edward Green and asked for a refined version and copied the other three popular lasts offered by Edward Green, 184, 82 and 606. Not stopping here, the models are also a homage to Edward Green.

Knowing the background, let us have a look at this pair of Harvey from Sons of Henrey.


Seemingly braided textured material makes up the navy shoe box.

A small white sticker on the side of shoe box. I don’t feel it is proper to show this sticker to customers as the information is only readable to the factory.

The information I can extract is the leather is black box calf from German tannery Weinheimer and size UK6.

Sons of Henrey includes a cloth to put on table so that your shoes won’t leave dirt there when you shine your shoes.

Grey shoe bags and navy shoe box, you can tell Sons of Henrey plays safe cards.


As the most seen and conservative and boring dress shoes, the beauty of cap toe oxford largely sits on the last and that is where Edward Green and Sons of Henrey win.

Super elegant English last. You cannot find a better proportion.

With this angle which I stare at our foot, you can you have the best looking shoe in the world.

Proportion is everywhere, from toe to forefoot to instep then waist till heel.


Most universal cap toe oxford with decorative swan line at the quarter.


Quite solid welt stitches, the density is very satisfactory.


The leather sole is average at this age. Waist is slightly narrower. Nails are quite tightly packed.

Heel Lasting

The gap is obvious, but we should not ask too much on a pair of machined made shoes.


Sock lining is black which matches the upper leather and shows a more luxury touch.

Information on lining is meaningless to end customers.


Spare anything, only this last will justify the purchase.