My Shoe Collection, James from Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES

I have unboxed this pair here, and this post mainly focuses on experience. Yearn Shoemaker is known by SLIMSHOES domestically in China. The concept is better reflected by the latter one as it wants to accommodate Asian wider feet without sacrificing slim and elegant feeling of dress shoes. Later on, I found they are also very fond of hand patina which I am not a fan of. Yearn Shoemaker is a price killer as it offers handwelted construction plus handstitched outsole for only 400 USD.

I divide experience into three parts: fit and comfort, leather and details.

Fit and Comfort

Yearn Shoemaker shoes are normally regarded as EE width so it is very comfortable to wear without any pressure on feet.

Top view tells the width is enough while the whole shoe looks slim indeed.

Toe shape reminds me of last 7000 from John Lobb.


Yearn Shoemaker loves to use crust leather from Italian tannery Bonaudo, while this pair is black and seems box calf.


Leather quality is not top notch and you can see the coarse creases which means leather fibre is not very fine.


Stitches are very close to upper and loosely match fudges.

When the stitches are so tightly close to upper, upgrading to blind waist is easy to achieve.

I don’t understand why stamping logo on forefoot as it wears out very quickly.对于这个鞋底,我就有点看法了。

Double monk is an ordinary model and this one features wide distance between buckles.


I would not say Yearn Shoemaker is the best shoes in the market, however on its price point, I don’t see anything intolerable and its construction and craftsmanship exceeds what you pay.