Unboxing Unlined Piccadilly from Edward Green

Edward Green is the last destination for many dress shoe lovers, mainly because of two points, one, the conservative last and “boring” upper pattern, and second, the high-quality leather.

Based on this feature, Edward Green’s Cap Toe Oxford, Chelsea has always topped the list. As for Dover, Galway and the like are just new celebrities.

When it comes to Loafer, Edward Green is actually not shy at all. Penny Loafer Piccadilly and Duke, and tassel loafer Belgravia are all familiar models. It’s just that many people have a concept that the more formal the shoes, the more worth spending a lot of money, the more casual the style, you can wear cheaper ones, so that Edward Green’s loafer is not very popular.

Unlined is a very popular Loafer element in recent years, and not only on Loafers, Galway’s ankles are unlined.

Let’s take a look at what special details are in this pair of shoes.


This shoe box and logo indeed make people eager to own.

The information on the side of the Edward Green shoebox is so complete that I can’t think of anything missing. The style is unlined Piccadilly, leather is Mink color suede. Size UK8, US8.5, last 184, width E.

Unfasten the lid, a brochure, a bubble wrap, this package is not luxurious.

I feel strange why there are shoe bags, but do not put shoes inside and play a protective role.

This cloth is used to put on the table, or on the knee, so that you put your shoes on it when you shine your shoes, the dirty soles will not touch your pants or stain the table.

Functionally, I am very much in favor, but practically, maybe I am too lazy, I sit on a very low stool, and put my shoes on the ground, pick them up and shine them in the air.

I don’t know how many people actually used this cloth.


184 is undoubtedly Edward Green’s most recognizable Loafer last, and the other 137 is closer to John Lobb’s 4395 last (Lopez), which is relatively rare.

I don’t think I can recognize by the silhouette alone without looking at the upper and logo.

My own feeling about this last, more specifically, Piccadilly, is that as a loafer, it is a bit narrow (aesthetically, not widely). Simon Crompton really likes to wear this last, maybe because he is tall and thin.

This unlined pair brings another feeling on the last shape, that is, it is narrower.

Upper Pattern

Piccadilly’s upper, like all penny loafers, is featured with hollowed strip and apron stitching. Piccadilly’s apron stitching is very delicate and good-looking.

Edward Green’s unlined is done to the extreme, that is, everywhere. For example, on the upper.

There are stitches on the heel, which the regular version of Piccadilly does not have, because a piece of skin is added to the heel to add a certain level of support, but there is still no stiffener.

A semi-circular reinforced leather is carried along the heel. If you feel that unlined shoes are loose and crumbling anyway, then this design is useless, but if you feel that the shoes must fit closely with the foot, then in the process of wearing shoes, even the use of shoehorns will tear the heel violently. This single line heel joining is very weak and easy to tear, such as this example.

That’s caused by my determined putting in.

This piece of strengthening leather is very necessary.


Welt delicacy and sole thickness of British high-end brands are imitating the style of London’s West End.


Sock lining also uses the back side of the upper leather, so the contact feeling of the foot is delicate everywhere. Although whether the sensitivity of the heel of the feet is so high is a question.

The information of the shoe writes on a small disc of leather then stick to the leather. It’s a little strange, written directly on the skin, will it fall off?


Edward Green is very skilled in product details. If you wear a pair of shoes very often and for more than 3 years, its price is very affordable and easy to justify.