Unboxing Wine Shadow Loafer Spade from Carlos Santos

When we talk about the color of dress shoes, black comes first. The second place, I think it should be dark brown, and the third place, it is burgundy. Red sounds contradictory, won’t it be too eye-catching? But deep wine shadow like No. 8 color of Horween shell cordovan is very versatile, on loafers, I am afraid that the status is even above dark brown. Because we wear loafers in summer, the color of the clothes will not be too dark or too formal, and black is a little strange. The formality of burgundy is just right, and it is not too eye-catching.


Black textured shoe box with silver logo.

Side small sticker about shoe information, style number is 8489, leather is WINE shadow calfskin. Although Carlos Santos is keen on patina, it is not that it does not purchase dyed aniline leather, such as the black Elliot I ordered earlier, which is aniline boxcalf, and the fineness of the crease is unexpectedly good.

There are two red colours offered by Carlos Santos, one called Alentejo, displayed on the one-piece Oxford Francis, and the other, Wine Shadow.

Open channel Goodyear construction, last 362. Size UK5.

lift the lid and it looks like this inside. To be honest, don’t like this presentation. It feels like a lot of layers and it’s cluttered. Is it really necessary to have so many things? Can I just take shoes, shoe bags, and shoehorn? At most, add a cushioning foam in the middle.


The 362 last, which I have seen many times on different shoes, the core of Carlos Santos’ loafer last, I can only describe in one sentence, the width is friendly and elegant on foot.


The place where the penny is placed is a diamond.

But I looked closely and found another design point, unfortunately, a design that I didn’t like, and that was the shape of the apron. Let me start with a big point, try not to make the shape of the apron and the shape of the toe cap inconsistent. This creates a conflict, and it is not easy to reconcile. For example, this pair, round toe, but the front end of the apron is flat, when you pay attention to the toe, you will feel that the toe toe is long, and when you pay attention to the upper, you will feel that the upper is wide and short. This conflict is a more visible element on Italian shoes, but for harmony, the challenge is very great.

Leather and Colour

Burgundy is the understated version of red which is a safe play.


Information on lining I think is a little less, the first 8489 is the model number. The last number 5 is the size. However, the last information is missing. Last information is extremely critical, both aesthetically and fit. 1279 is my code name as a distributor.

You can see that I now have Carlos Santos for fp on my shoes, and this 1279 doesn’t make sense to consumers.