How To Wear Blue Shoes

I habitually put the main idea at the front of the article, which saves everyone’s time.

Two basic ideas, one, the color of the pants or suit is lighter than the color of the shoes, and two, blue works fine with blue.

The first idea, not just for blue shoes, is works for shoes of all colors. It is possible to jump out of the frame, but it is more laborious and requires your own superb aesthetic.

Speaking of blue shoes, if it is dark blue or navy, seen from afar, or not in strong light, it is quite similar to black. So how versatile black is applies to navy shoes.


But I’m sure readers asking this question are definitely looking for brighter, more eye-catching blues, such as royal blue.

Maftei Alexandru

This shoe really feels too jumpy at first glance, then frowning on how to match clothes.

The question is easy to answer, White pants are the Swiss Army knife in menswear closet. As long as you have a pair of white trousers, you are a menswear blogger and can go to Italy every year to participate in Pitti UOMO.

In addition, I think any bright color can be matched with light blue shoes, such as orange, green, although this color of trousers is rare, but Chino is still uncommon.

In the serious color, medium gray to light gray, it is no problem.

So how does the second concept manifest itself in blue shoes?

Either clothes or pants are blue, but there is a slight difference in shade from the blue of shoes.

I’ve always thought that Tone on Tone is a very advanced, challenging pairing technique. For example, if you try the combination of big red and orange red, or the combination of light yellow and dark yellow, you definitely have to rack your brains to not make mistakes.

But Gray and Blue, two of the men’s best friends make this a lot easier. And the blue shoes are even more obvious in this matter.

You know, when the navy suit first came out, the standard was blue shoes! But now, dark brown is considered standard. And myself, when wearing a navy blue suit, prefers black shoes.

For example, if you wear Men’s Uniform, navy blue jacket plus gray trousers, blue shoes, even if they are a little bright, they will not be too dramatic.

So if you wear bright blue shoes, as long as you have relatively obvious blue elements on you, you can justify yourself.

Increase the difficulty, brown suit is a good item for advanced, can it be paired with blue shoes? The answer is that wearing a blue shirt, such as denim, is completely fine.

I think two examples have completely illustrated the blue plus blue theory.

The material and style of the shoes, I don’t think it’s a big problem.

The most common choice is probably suede loafer, because relatively speaking, the overall is the most casual.

Other styles will actually be covered by the eye-catching degree of the color, so don’t worry.

Finally, take a look at the illustration to see what colors can be matched.