X0X lasts of Edward Green

Edward Green may arguably the most sought-after brand in the world, and the reason is interestingly its high price. If Edward Green is not so expensive, I highly doubt its popularity. In this sharp and aggressive aesthetics era, the stupid round Edward Green can survive just because of its limited availability. The secondary reason is its limited models. If you had glanced numerous models of many brands, you will know Edward Green is very conservative on developing new models. The result is most models are the classic ones and loved by years. When people talk about lasts of Edward Green, four are most recognized, 202, 82, 606 and 184. However Edward Green has a series of X0X lasts which is not so well known by many, here I summarize them.


Very rare square chisel last for loafer.


An eternal classic needless for any introduction.


Released in 2022 as the rounder version of 202.


There is no such thing as too round, check it out. And the height of toe is also significant.


Boots usually sit on longer last, however this one is super short and round.


Best square toe from Edward Green, also as the square version of 202.


I don’t think there are 100 people on earth knows this last existing. Incorporating John Lobb last 7000 feeling.


Also a square toe like 606, however with some elongation.


I feel it is Alden Aberdeen last.