My Shoe Collection, Badia

Badia is another great Chinese shoe brand coming after Mattina. Why don’t I pick SLIMSHOES/Yearn Shoemaker or TGC/Oct Tenth? Did they come earlier? They did, but my verdict is because SLIMSHOE and TGC focus more on MTO mode, the colletion is too big and sole finishes are changing unstopping. This may be good for shoe lovers, but for most consumers, it is too tricky to pick a pair of suitable shoes.

Badia and Mattina have very intervened history, the two founders are close friends and studied in Stefano Bemer studio together. When came back to China, they worked in a same factory and released own brands using the same production line, even the lasts were developed together and shared by both brands.

So in a time, Mattina and Badia both avoided to talking about each other, but now, Badia developed its own lasts and found another workshop, Badia is reborn.

I have unboxing this pair here, after more than ten times of wear, I would like to talk about the experience.

This one is quite special as it is made by TGC! Size 38 from Badia is still somehow big for me due the width, so the forebed is cushioned a bit, the fit is much better.

The sole completion was also done by TGC, so it may be different from the mass produced. Anyway, the last and pattern are totally the same.


A so reserved Balmoral oxford, you can say this is the oxford of oxford shoes. Every detail heads to cleanness.

You can say this is the most boring, simple and conservative shoes, but the one you want to wear time and time again.

From the same perspective, penny loafer and Chelsea boots have the same attribute. Although I am not a loafer guy, but its convenience and universal are so good. Chelsea covering the smart and casual effortlessly is also a go to model.

For a so clean pattern, what to look at? The Balmoral line and the curve line beside eyelets.

The every element can be longer or shorter, curved or straigtened, the angle can be sharp and blunt, the purpose of all is harmony.


Last of Badia is very recognizable, not only on its oxfords, even last of its most popular loafers, beyond the Italian flavor, more elegance and gentleness are injected. I can say, Badia shoes are the most feminine.

Feminine is related to elongation, but also delicacy. Comparing to his study journey in Italy, this tendency comes from the founder, Jiang Daoyuan’s character more.


This is what I prewarned that this pair may not be the common level of Badia shoes.

The fudge is quite fine and stitches match the fudge well on the spot.


The leather is not very impressive. The fineness of the crease is good, but the coating is loose and not well attached to the leather itself.

Another thing about the crease is it tells how different my feet are. The left foot is paralell, and the right foot is 30 degree angled.

The strange thing is when I wear European shoes, the creases are always parallel, and this one fits me pretty well, why this situation happened again just like the shoes are too wide for me? Time may tell.


The profile is really harmonic and beautiful, the Cuban heel is also subtle.

The leather sole is very wear resistance, I highly suspect it is J.F.Baker oak bark tanned.


Black oxford is regarded one of the most formal shoes, I do not have too many real formal attire, so I just pair them with navy suits.

And you kown it works charm, you can never go wrong with the basic, can you?


A pair of super elegant black cap toe oxford, my eternal favorite. The slightly elongated toe may not be my dish, I still love wearing them so much, and I believe it will accompany me for my life.