An Interview with Abdul Ahad

Ibex is a very new and unacquainted brand, beyond that, it comes from a country not so known for its shoemaking, Pakistan. It is always good to know somewhere in the world, same affection toward shoes and traditional shoemaking exists.

Let us listen to the founder of Ibex, Abdul Ahad, how his journey unfolded.

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Abdul Ahad, I was born and living in Lahore, an old city of Pakistan.

I’m a business graduate with major in Marketing.

My hobby is playing cricket and watching life learning videos.

Before Ibex, what was your career?

I started working on IBEX while I was studying in University. I always wanted to promote Pakistani craftsmanship globally.

I have done multiple jobs side by side during working on Ibex and when I graduated I had launched Ibex.

When did you get in touch with quality dress shoes? How did you feel at that time?

During the period of research and bootstrapping, I had shortlisted a product called “Peshawari Chappal” to introduce it in International Market.

But after thorough research I realised the gap in connecting customers who like quality dress shoes and local indigenous craftsmen who make master pieces of shoes.

I had travelled all across the Pakistan to find out master craftsmen and I’m blessed to have some of the finest craftsmen of subcontinent in our team.

Are you the only producer of quality dress shoes in Pakistan?

Not only, there are multiple producers of quality dress shoes in Pakistan, but you can say we are pioneer in reviving Goodyear Welted construction technique in Pakistan and the only brand which is crafting high quality Goodyear Welted shoes the handmade way.

What is the history of handmade dress shoes in Pakistan?

Handmade shoes has a very rich history. In Pakistan we were producing shoes our own way but when the subcontinent went into British colonialism, they have changed the styles and production techniques.

Our local craftsmen were talented enough to adopt new developments in producing beautiful leather shoes and with the passage of time they have improved standards.

Where do you obtain your leather? It is local or European?

Fortunately Pakistan is one of the largest high quality leather manufacturing country, so we obtain all leather from Pakistan.

Sometimes we also import cow leather sole from Italy due to its specifications.

Speaking about style, how do you describe Ibex?

IBEX is offering sleek yet timeless designs, you cannot be get bored and outdated with IBEX styles.

As we serve customised orders as well so we do make versatile and bold designs as well.

Where did you find the craftsmen in Pakistan?

It is very interesting, being IBEX founder I have travelled all across Pakistan to find the indigenous craftsmen.

Real traditional craftsmen are getting rare with time due to mass production in industries. So we are fortunate enough to have best craftsmen of the subcontinent in our team.

What is your plan for 2021?

As we are already serving Global customers, our plan for 2021 is to increase global sales.

Our major goal for 2021 is to have reasonable market share in Pakistani market as well.

Please say something to Chinese shoe lovers.

We love China, its people, its culture, history and vision to lead the World. If Chinese people wants to have high quality Goodyear Welted leather shoes, we would love to craft and ship shoes to their doorstep.

They can order online on our website