An Interview with German Bespoke Shoemaker Louis Lampertsdörfer, Founder of Mogada

Mogada is a Munich based Germany bespoke shoemaker, I came across its astonishing shoes on Instagram. I didn’t know much about it such as the people behind, the history or its reputation domestically. I shamelessly asked to have an interview to know more, and was warmly welcomed by the founder, Louis Lampertsdörfer. I surprisingly found

An Interview with Vietnamese bespoke shoemaker Lee Trung, aka Ichigoichie Shoemaker

Lee Trung, the Vietnamese bespoke shoemaker, aka Ichigoichie Shoemaker was introduced to me by Instagram KOL Thunder_March, except his shoes are finely made, the artful expression is also impressive. There are several rising Vietnamese bespoke shoemakers, and I feel Lee Trung is very understated but truly enjoying the crafts itself. It is a great honour

An Interview with Victor Besnard, owner of Besnard

Besnard is a heritage menswear brand dedicated to crafting timeless clothing of exceptional quality from Netherland. Founded by the current owner, Victor Besnard’s ancestor as a bespoke tailoring house, Victor revived it into a high quality and handmade ready-to-wear brand bringing soft Neapolitan tailoring to more classic menswear connoisseurs.  It is a great honour to

An Interview with Japanese Bespoke Shoemaker Kenjiro Kawashima

Kenjiro Kawashima is the third place in 2022 shoemaking championship and many shoe enthusiasts know his name long before this contest as he worked with famed bespoke shoemaker Norman Vilalta for some time. Not many know that a big portion of astonishing and breath taking shoes presented by NormanVilalta was designed by Mr. Kawashima. We


Greats是淘宝上一家有不少粉丝,也有不少年头的国靴品牌。从产品来看,更偏向于工装那一边。品牌理念,在我和老板朱科沟通以前,我自己总结的是模仿国外经典款式,但是升级或者更换皮革。只要不是单纯的照抄,有自己的创作在里面,我就是支持的。后来也看到里面有一些正装的款式,当然,横跨咔叽正装的Alden是模仿对象的话,这是很自然的。 另外,Greats在我的家乡武汉,也是我愿意与他多交流的原因。 一起来了解一下这个很多人知道的品牌背后的故事。 Post Views: 415

An Interview with Argentine Bespoke Shoemaker Norman Vilalta

Norman Vilalta is a famous bespoke shoemaker based in Barcelona. His career turn is truly amazing that he switched lane from a lawyer to a shoemaker at the age of 30! He went to Florence from Argentina where he was raised and studied under Stefano Bemer, where he befriended with Justin FitzPatrick. Later he settled

An Interview with English Bespoke Tailor Steven Hitchcock

Steven Hitchcock is regarded the best cutter in the UK by some most tasteful bespoke tailoring connoisseurs around the world. He had followed his father’s step working in Anderson & Sheppard for many years, then opened its own atelier to offer “refined drape” to his fans at 58 Chiltern street. Post Views: 567

An Interview with English Bespoke Shoemaker Nicholas Templeman

Nicholas Templeman may not be very familiar to many shoe aficionados, but his experience are very prestigious. He worked as lastmaker in John Lobb London for 7 years, and now takes his own adventure. As an independent bespoke shoemaker, he has gained great reputation around the world. It is a great honor to have an