Introducing Oct Tenth Team

This is a group photo taken for the Oct Tenth team at the 2023 China Trunk Show, and I believe that such a photo is quite explosive in welted shoes industry.

Oct Tenth has a considerable reputation both domestically and worldwide. Domestically many people in the footwear industry think that its craftsmanship is very high-end, and in the international market, Oct Tenth’s cost performance can be described as unique.

I believe that many people are very interested in their team, and most people overseas only know that the hostess has an Instgram account, Xibao Shoemaker.

This time, I will give you a good introduction to the luxurious lineup of Oct Tenth’s family.

From left to right.

TANG Cheng is a very low-key product manager. The brand Oct Tenth was registered later, and the shoe workshop has a more well-known name in China, TGC, which is the initials of the three founders. Among them, T is TANG, that is, Tang Cheng.

The creator of the ACME brand and the designer of product details, but never credited. Inspired by the “factory director” (introduced later), he returns to the place where the dream began. Upon his return, he led Oct Tenth to complete the product upgrade with minimal price increase. It is bound to stir up the dress shoe world.

Nathan, Head of Brand Image Operations. Oct Tenth’s recent visual output is completely top-notch, and I’ll show you a few random pictures.

At the same time, Oct Tenth also started the live broadcast of Douyin and Little Red Book, and Nathan is the funny anchor.

Wentao, the best cobbler in China. Repairing Goodyear welted shoes or resoling can not be said to be a difficult job, but being able to complete the upgrade of shoes while repairing shoes where the workmanship is far beyond the original is the reason why Wentao is obviously the highest price on the market, but the order is still queued. Wentao handstitches outsole. Originally practicing in Guangzhou, he was also inspired by the “factory director” to join the Oct Tenth team, responsible for product improvement and care services.

The factory director, CHU Jiahao, the real soul of the brand, a former banker. In the TGC era, the workmanship of shoes became the first in China, and got international recognition. This was because of his extensive study of shoemaking. Today’s luxurious lineup is also his masterpiece. A avid follower of designer Heidi Slimane.

Xibao, whose real name is ZHANG Yao. Oct Tenth hostess, the brand name is her birthday. When CHU traveled the world, it was Xibao’s persistence that allowed Oct Tenth to lead another leap.

ZHANG Fei. South Wentao and East ZHANG Fei are two of the most well-known leather shoe care and repair professionals in China. Comparing to Wentao, ZHANG Fei is more accomplished in finishing, including patina. The overall level of patina in China is not high, and it cannot be compared with Franch artists, but ZHANG Fei is the leader in China. Perhaps in the future, the trainees from Corthay or Berluti come out, and this skill will also cause a storm in China.

Such a team, it is difficult to find a match in China, right?