My Shoe Collection, Jimjun

Because I have thoroughly reviewed this shoes in Unboxing, this article focuses on comfort, leather and rience.


As soon as these shoes were put on, I was very satisfied, because my feet are narrow among the Chinese, and most Chinese shoemakers make shoes wider to fit Chinese. My feet are tightly wrapped, and I love that feeling.

But if you wear them all day, they will squeeze your feet on both sides.

I’m not sure if this Break in can be improved. Then I asked if I still want to wear these shoes, and the answer is yes.

The support of the arch is not very obvious, but I don’t ask for much about it, and the comfort level of the foot in it is still good.

The wear of the toe of outsole was among the best. I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s not the difference in leather, it’s just a matter of how well the shoes fit?

After 5 times of wear, the heel of my shoes is already miserable, but this pair is still very good. I think it should be because of Cuban heel, and the landing is that the angle and force on the outermost edge are not as ruthless as ordinary ones.

This is really an important discovery for me! I will definitely ask Cuba to follow in the future!


As far as my own feelings are concerned, I think the creases are delicate enough, and the plating is not thick, if you have to find faults, it just doesn’t feel enough grease.

It is a Chinese local leather.


The first one is the arch of the foot, the curve of the leather surface. Because I was very dissatisfied with the situation I saw on Meermin, this place can really be described as perfect. I think it’s totally very tight.

Another experience is shoe tree.

I didn’t have lasted shoe trees for this pair, so I used a generic shoe tree, and you can see the contrast directly.

The instep is completely lifted up, and upper is stretched. But is that a good thing? I don’t think so. Because the instep of your foot must not be so high, and the upper is more loose (relative to your foot).

From another angle, you can also see that the original shape of the foot that simulates the shape of the foot with a high instep inside and a low outside is completely lost by the stretch of generic shoe trees.

Therefore, I still suggest that it is better to use lasted shoe tree.


This Cognac is barely good at first glance, and after a long time, it is still not as elegant as black.

As far as shoes are concerned, the only thing I have is whether I can break in and wear them all day without squeezing my feet, and the rest, I think it’s very good.