Unboxing Carlos Santos 9878

The shoe was developed by Swedish bloggers Kostas and Carlos Santos, and the latter took it to the 2021 China Trunk Show.

After I looked at the shoes, I could only say that the customer group of Kostas was not at all the same as mine.

Let’s check it out.


The more you look at it, the more pleasing it is to the eye.

Model number 9878, leather is crust, patina name Guimaraes. Construction is close channel Goodyear. Last 389 and size UK6.

Last 389 is called the sexiest last by Kostas, let’s see how sexy it is.

There is still room for improvement in the texture of shoe bags, but I feel that Carlos Santos has finalized its product, and focus on marketing, and there is no problem with this idea.


Square chisel toe, how sexy?


In comparison, the top view is acceptable to me, because it is not overly elongated.


Cap toe Balmoral oxford with embossed cowhide to mimic crocodile leather.

I was attracted by the navy blue crocodile like embossed cowhide by the first sight.

Good crocodile leather is expensive, and poor crocodile leather or embossed crocodile leather is cheap, it is best not to use this element on shoes that are not so expensive, which will make people, especially exquisite connoisseurs, feel low.

This element on this pair, if we put aside all prejudices and just look at the texture of the shoes, is not bad.

Another feeling is the glossiness of Guimarães patina. This is one of the characteristics of Carlos Santos patina, which is translucent.

I’m definitely on the side of Box Calf when it comes to patina vs boxcalf, and my favorite leather shoes are black cap toe oxfords, so none of these colors are a plus for me.

If it weren’t for the crocodile-embossed cowhide, there is a good design point, which is that there is a decorative stitching of Swan neck.

It’s a pity that under the rough texture of the leather, it is not very visible.


I recently looked at the soles worn on foreign forums, and I thought that this logo could be moved back (to the heel) a little bit so that it would not be worn at all.

I have a lot of admiration for the soles of Carlos Santos Handgrade.

Leather and Patina

Guimarães patina, which is a tribute to the city as the cradle of the Portuguese people and the memory of the former dynasty.

Carlos Santos loves patina, and the navy blue crocodile embossed leather is painted. It’s true that the color is quite special.


I don’t think this kind of heel combination should really be seen in Handgrade shoes, it’s very unclassy.


Westerners do have a different taste to our Chinese.