My Shoe Collection, Oxford from Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano & Girling is the most sought after welted shoe brand in the world. Oxford is not a category but its model name which is very unusual, but it tells that Gaziano & Girling thinks this is the real oxford shoes, the quintessential one.

This pair has been worn for more than 6 years and the condition is still great.

Let us check it out.


GG06 is the first last of this brand, 06 stands for its establishment in 2006. As an English brand, conservative round toe is a must, however, this round toe is elongated as that is Tony Gaziano loves and promotes.

I put the same cap toe oxford from Paolo Scafora alongside, and you can tell Paolo Scafora is even more elongated and that is Italian!


The most boring shoe in the world, but also the most classic one, the one I love the most, “Oxfords, not brogues”


Gaziano & Girling, much like the other two prominent brands, John Lobb and Edward Green is wary of sharing its leather information. We can tell the crease is fine, however the coating is still obvious.

Maybe from distance, it looks great, but close check would not amaze me.

The pair Paolo Scafora I used to compare last clearly has much better leather!


Gaziano & Girling main collection is machine made Goodyear welted shoes, but its welt stitches are very fine, and welt is narrow to the upper, both says exquisiteness.


Upper stitches are superb as you can see the threads are very close to the edge of the leather.

Stitch density is great, and line is straight. This fine line makes the cap toe more subtle and exquisite.


Gaziano & Girling IS the first brand to incorporate serious bespoke shoemaking elements into Ready To Wear shoes, and it is Gaziano & Girling made fiddleback well known and appreciated by many shoe enthusiasts who may not step into bespoke.

After 6 years wear, the covering wax on welt and outsole worn out, and the gap appeared.

More sadly, the close channel failed as the glue lost its function and the leather edge detached.


Oxford sitting on GG06 last was regarded the most un-Gaziano & Girling shoes, but the one I think decent, maybe the most decent on among Gaziano & Girling offerings.

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  1. 什么时候,你这个评论区能增加添图功能,我想让你看看几年前我MTO的GG06楦的一双鞋。

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