Unboxing Iconic Loafer 726 from Saint Crispin‘s

Austrian shoes are known all over the world thanks to Saint Crispin’s. In the early days of the spread of dress shoe information, most people knew luxury English shoemakers such as John Lobb, Edward Green and Gaziano & Girling, then Berluti in France. Corthay and Aubercy were not discussed online at the time. There are

Are Saint Crispin’s Shoes Handmade?

Austrian shoemaker Saint Crispin’s is very sought after among shoe enthusiasts. Except its unique aesthetics, its high handwork percentage is also an important aspect. According to its promotion most people would think Saint Crispin’s are 95% handmade, which means all steps are taken by hand except upper stitching done by sewing machine. But is it

My Shoe Collection, 106 from Saint Crispin’s

The best representee of Austrian shoemaking, at least in Ready To Wear. There are several world famous bespoke shoemakers in Austria, such as Maftei, Materna and the Austrian John Lobb, Scheer Schone & Co. Speaking about Ready To Wear, actually Ludwig Reiter is more known to local people, however Saint Crispin’s built its reputation globally.