Unboxing Button Boot Grandview from J.FitzPatrick

Button boots are a very old kind of shoes in dress shoes field and its heyday was in Victorian era, till today, only a few brands still offering these models, and J.FitzPatrick is one of them, but more significantly with very modern elements but not too Avant Garde. Let us have a review of this model Grandview from J.FitzPatrick.


Material may not be that sturdy however the colour cannot be defeated.

Model name is Grandview III, theoretically it should be the third generation, but I have no idea how the first and second look like. Last is MGF, a very hard chisel toe. Leather information is quite complex, walnut museum calf is already very rare, and bottle green soft match grain is unheard of, not only to me, but I also believe quite few knows.

Thick and double layered cotton shoe bags carrying the boots inside.


This pair is very unique as the official Grandview sits on TMG last, the most popular and welcomed last from J.FitzPatrick. MGF is hard and more elongated which I feel adds more classical and antique touch to this extravagant model.


Six-button button boots with strong brogue decoration and wingtip, whoa, the design is full and super attractive. On top of that, leather contributes further. Walnut museum calf is very fine and luxurious and bottle green is so daring, not to mention the grain makes it almost wild!

I think that is what sets J.FitzPatrick apart, the modern twist applying on classical shoes.


Museum calf is from Italian tannery Ilcea, and patina alike feeling is great.

Match grain is very new to me, but I have a lot of experience on handbags, I think this one is close to Togo of Hermes, the only problem is Togo is quite soft but this one is hard. By all means, this leather or texture is super rare and even none used in shoemaking.


Very mainstream welt finish and decent stitch density.


There is one specification cared by J.FitzPatrick and he never addresses this to customers, which is sole colour matching upper colour, in this pair, the sole is painted to middle brown to match walnut museum and you can tell the colour is very close.


Super special boots and only for those daring and tasteful ones. How to pair this model is a great question, but hey, as long as you are brave, nothing stops you. Oh, yes, one thing, buttoning and unbuttoning the buttons.