Unboxing Double Monk James from Sons of Henrey

Sons of Henrey has the slogan Timeless Elegant and its models back up this concept by only presenting most classic ones. Today we unbox its monk offering, the only model, James.


Great navy shoe box with white logo.

There is an envelope lying in the box.

The letter is introduction about this pair which is the same as Edward Green does. And the information is even more detailed than Edward Green.

The cloth is very neat and decent to put shoes on it for shining.

Grey flannel shoe bags. The very safe choice about brand colour as navy and grey is the colour of mens uniform.


Lasts of Sons of Henrey are all copies of Edward Green. This square toe clearly copies last 606 of Edward Green. And I have to admit the end result is quite good.


You can say pattern design of Sons of Henrey is quite boring, but we also can call it classic and you won’t find any error on its shoes.


Close channel Goodyear and the sole is painted to brown.


Sons of Henrey has two Aces to prosper in this field, one is Edward Green alike lasts, the other is wonderful and rare leathers.

This pair is made of museum calf, which is not so rare however the rustical colour is definitely rare.

Under dark environment, the shoes look grey, but under strong sunshine, it looks brown. This rich effect is quite good.


Nothing special and nothing wrong, the last is quite solid aesthetically and the leather is very unique.