Unboxing Scotch Grain Navvy from Maftei

Navvy is a word with very limited usage, maybe only used by Englishmen to call split toe derby. As an Austrian bespoke shoemaker, Maftei also loves making sturdy and tough shoes, Navvy matches this preference quite well.

Let us check this pair.


Wooden shoe box with two copper buckles. Wooden shoe box is highly praised, however it breaks too easily during international shipping.

Cashmere made shoe bags are my favorite.

Handwritten logo on a leather tag then stitched to the shoe bag.


775 last is known as Pei last in China which I name it for better memory, it is the most iconic Austrian last, simply put, slightly elongated square round toe.


To be honest, I am not a huge fan of this pattern as all details are speaking its roughness. The ridged apron and split toe, the unrefined ear shape.

The Norwegese stitches on this pattern look like the evil teeth of some kind of monsters.


Grain leather is always very interesting to look, but not so easy to pair if you are used to city dress. This prominent grain leather is from Duy Puy and the quality is peerless.

Even on this heavily embossed leather, pores are so clear, you can easily tell its luxurious feeling.

Out Sole

If we say the pattern and construction build a monster, then the out sole follows suit as well. Whirlpool pattern rubber sole from Vibram with toe plate and full rubber heel.

This pair is single leather sole but the leather is very thick.

The full heel rubber sole is an Austrian brand Merz.


A truly great and rough navvy to pair any country and outdoor outfit.

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  1. 真用Buffalo来做皮面的一些糙靴子见到过,更多的Buffalo都是压纹的,比如JL的Buffalo。这个纹路,我有个Alden和这个皮料感觉相似得一样样。单轮质感,比你收的那个💖野猪皮差一些 😆

      1. 这个不是野猪皮,我期望明年能来一双。这个应该是horween的scotch grain,和你这个水牛皮纹理相似

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