Unboxing Suede Pei from Maftei

Maftei is a Austrian bespoke shoemaker known only by the most discerning shoe lovers in the world, but their share in Austria, Germany and Nordic region is quite big as it offers wonderful price Bespoke shoes with very traditional shoemaking skills.

When I first met Maftei shoes on StyleForum, I feel its quality and craftsmanship is amazing, and the aesthetics is unique. I want to own one pair however the travelling is not easy. I contacted Maftei and expressed my interest and plan to introduce this gorgeous brand to Chinese shoe enthusiasts with a more reachable method, Group Made To Order. This method was new to Maftei as it only offers bespoke service to his clients but Mr. Alexandru Maftei was very open and gave it a try. This wingtip brogue single monk is one of them.

Let us have a look.


We together tried to copy the idea of Stefano Bemer that wooden wine box may be a good match for great handmade shoes.

Open the box and the shoe bags have a feeling of suede, but in fact it is just fabric.


Last Pei is the name I gave because the last number 775 is hard to remember and has no meaning to both Maftei and customers in China. It is actually a last made for a Japanese client which fits Asian feet as I can attest that generous width and high instep.

The last is unique and very good proportioned, for one part, it seems round and square at the toe, the other part, it is actually elongated a little and make it more elegant. I think that is how Maftei combine two aesthetics from Austria/Germany and Italy.

Profile tells the waist is narrowed and arch support is prominent, and the toe box is high which is not easy to appreciate even for me.


Rust red suede wingtip single monk. The rust red suede is not so widely seen and quite impressive, by the way, this model may be casual and matches this material better than black calf which I ordered as well.

I am not sure how many people noticed, most shoes have a back seam at the bottom of heel upper, if not strikes up to the top. Maftei installs flawlessly smooth heel.

Construction and Out Sole

Wood pegged construction with square flat leather and rubber attached for forefoot.


As a bespoke shoemaker, Maftei certainly chooses best leather in each category, and the best suede leather is Janus from English tannery Charles F. Stead without any disupute.


Different leather and colour can give a model very different feeling, and this pair is certainly more suitable for more experienced and relaxed connoisseurs.