A Brief Introduction of Japanese Shoe Brand Floriwonne

This Japanese brand is considered to be the best on patina. Although Japan respects French products very much, it has not been very keen for patina and focus on very classic and conservative styles.

At present, the brand has three collections, which are Bespoke, Made To Order and Ready To Wear. The price is more than 3000 USD for Bespoke, 1200 USD for Made To Order, and 750 USD for RTW.

The delivery time for Bespoke is one year, and the delivery time for Made To Order is four months…

RTW collection is made by Japanese shoe factory Oriental and then returned to Nobuaki Fujisawa for patina.

The construction is very interesting, which is the overall Goodyear, but Blake at waist. The effect is that the waist looks thinner.

MTO has three upgrades from RTW:

  • The choice of colors is more diverse;
  • Handwelted construction;
  • Medallion can be your initials.

Bespoke, the shoes weren’t made by Nobuaki Fujisawa, he was a patina artist, not a shoemaker. The shoes are made by Ann Shoemaker, who is also a very talented and sough-after Japanese bespoke shoemaker.

Ann Shoemaker

Although the style has increased a lot, the most iconic is the Wholecut Oxford.

Nobuaki Fujisawa learned the basics of patina from Leslie, a lady from La Cordonnerie Anglaise (the leather care brand I introduced and belongs to the same Avel Group as Saphir) before honing his skills at Columbus.

In 2013, he founded Fg-trente, specializing in patina. This name was the stage name of Nobuaki Fujisawa.

The same year, he collaborated with PUMA and Wildswans to launch a coloured version of sneakers, and at the Shanghai exhibition with European automakers to patina the leather upholstery.

In the same year, he launched his own brand, Floriwonne.

Currently, the brick-and-mortar store is on the second floor of the World Footwear Gallery in Tokyo.