Unboxing 4391 from Carlos Santos Handcrafted Collection

Carlos Santos has four collection, Blake construction for Green collection, open channel Goodyear welted construction for mainline, Golden painted close channel Goodyear for Handgrade collection and its top collection, Handcrafted. Carlos Santos makes private label for many brands, such as English shoe shop Herring, the most famous online shoe shop, Skoaktiebolaget in Sweden also teamed

Unboxing Double Monk Pony from Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES

Yearn Shoemaker has gained a lot of attention globally because of its handmade specification and retailer in UK, Arterton. In China, Yearn Shoemaker uses the brand SLIMSHOES to emphasize their shoes are slim looking while generous in fitting. In my opinion, what sets Yearn Shoemaker apart is not that they are handwelted and handstitched, but

Unboxing Kennewick from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is never a boring brand, no matter who is copying who, J.FitzPatrick never participates this game. Originality is the ACE of this brand, of its founder Justin FitzPatrick. Kennewick is a relatively new model among J.FitzPatrick offerings and it is so antique that I fell in love with. Let us have a look. Post