Unboxing MTO Oxford from Japanese Shoemaker Siroeno Yosui

Siroeno Yosui is a bespoke shoemaker from Japan but it is not a real shoemaker, I mean it is not a person, but a team. The team is made up of two people. There are two significant things about Siroeno Yosui, one is their YouTube channel, which captures the complete handcrafted process of how a

An Interview with German Bespoke Shoemaker Louis Lampertsdörfer, Founder of Mogada

Mogada is a Munich based Germany bespoke shoemaker, I came across its astonishing shoes on Instagram. I didn’t know much about it such as the people behind, the history or its reputation domestically. I shamelessly asked to have an interview to know more, and was warmly welcomed by the founder, Louis Lampertsdörfer. I surprisingly found

传奇而低调的法国鞋匠,Stephane Jimenez

法国在时尚领域,可以说永远地站在顶端,脚踩意大利,屁股坐英国,定制鞋,同样拥有者全世界最高的价格,那些价格已经让人乍舌的百年历史的英国鞋店也得俯首称臣。 大部分鞋匠都选择在大品牌里面工作,比如Dimitri Gomez就在Crockett & Jones的巴黎店里任职,提供独一味二的Crockett & Jones bespoke业务。 Post Views: 373

An Interview with bespoke shoemaker Alfio Bruschi, founder of L.AB di Alfio Bruschi

Alfio Bruschi is an Italian bespoke shoemaker based in Montegranaro, Marche region where is the shoemaking capital in Italy. His works are quite experimental and characteristic. I am curious about his journey and why he receives worldly fame after several years set up of his own brand. It is a pleasure discussion with Alfio Bruschi.

My Shoe Collection, Hiro Yanagimachi

I had an interview with the famed Japanese bespoke shoemaker Hiro Yanagimachi. As the pioneer Japanese shoemaker studying in England, he is very kind and willing to bring up new younger shoemakers which is very respectable. I am not so familiar with his MTO offerings, and the price is slightly higher than Yohei Fukuda if

An Interview with Japanese Bespoke Shoemaker Kenjiro Kawashima

Kenjiro Kawashima is the third place in 2022 shoemaking championship and many shoe enthusiasts know his name long before this contest as he worked with famed bespoke shoemaker Norman Vilalta for some time. Not many know that a big portion of astonishing and breath taking shoes presented by NormanVilalta was designed by Mr. Kawashima. We

An Interview with English Bespoke Shoemaker Nicholas Templeman

Nicholas Templeman may not be very familiar to many shoe aficionados, but his experience are very prestigious. He worked as lastmaker in John Lobb London for 7 years, and now takes his own adventure. As an independent bespoke shoemaker, he has gained great reputation around the world. It is a great honor to have an