Care Shell Cordovan with Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

Venetian is regarded the best shoe conditioner in the world among Americans. While the rest of the world may agree Saphir Renovateur is better. Venetian has an unmatched advantage to Saphir which is tannery Horween officially appoints Venetian Imperial Leather Balm to care its most sought after shell cordovan. Post Views: 2,258


在皮鞋的清洁步骤上,我以前介绍过,有两个等级,一个就是用马毛刷刷一下,除除尘,这样应付日常穿着足够了,另一个则是使用例如沙菲雅的RenoMat或者M.Mowbrary的去蜡水这样的产品,把由于长期护理,不能吸收从而堆积在表面的物质去除下来,鞋头的镜面蜡,也算是这一类。 Post Views: 1,427