My Shoe Collection, Horween Shell Cordovan 910 from Carmina

In the renaissance of classic menswear and dress shoes, Spanish shoemakers rose at an astonishing speed and grabbed a lot of market share from its English peers. There are so many shoe factories in Almansa and Mallorca in Spain, and you may think there are so many shoemakers or brands there, the fact is maybe


提到Meermin,大家第一个印象会是什么?价格杀手?虽然没有错,但我觉得这样说,也有点低估这个品牌了。通过逐年对它的关注,我认为它现在的核心竞争力,反而在皮革上。Meermin在皮革可选丰富性上,绝对是中上水准,而在它这个价位,就更加没有对手了。 Post Views: 599

How To Remove Water Stains on Shell Cordovan Leather

How to remove water stains on shell cordovan leather is the question very few meet and ask, but when it happens, apparently there is quite few place to seek solution. This article serves this purpose. Shell cordovan leather is expensive and very sought after which no matter any leather works made of. They are appreciated

Unboxing of Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer Bruckner from Maftei

As a famous bespoke shoemaker in Austria, Maftei offers unlimited leather options to clients, such as elephant leather seen on this pair of chukka boots Mammoth, and stingray leather is very popular among its connoisseurs. Naturally, shell cordovan is in the menu, and Maftei certainly chooses the best in the world, which is from tannery

How Different Shell Cordovan Leathers Age

I was very into shell cordovan long time ago as if Goodyear shoes can accompany you for a long time, shell cordovan shoes can last your entire life if not your descendant’s’. After I owned several pairs, shell cordovan lost its glamour. It is not because the durability disappeared, but I don’t care durability that

Care Shell Cordovan with Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

Venetian is regarded the best shoe conditioner in the world among Americans. While the rest of the world may agree Saphir Renovateur is better. Venetian has an unmatched advantage to Saphir which is tannery Horween officially appoints Venetian Imperial Leather Balm to care its most sought after shell cordovan. Post Views: 2,342

Unboxing Odd Colour Shell Cordovan Navvy from Maftei

As a bespoke shoemaker, Maftei does offer a lot of leather options to its clients, but not till recent years, shell cordovan was not so common seen and chosen in this atelier. Mr. Maftei suddenly fell in love with Horween shell cordovan and stocked some. This pair was made of one special piece as the

Unboxing 102635 Wholecut Shell Cordovan Oxford from Meermin

Meermin has great popularity globally as a Spanish brand made in China, everyone recognizes Meermin as one of the best value brands in the market. The shoes are actually made in Shanghai, China, the “HANDCRAFTED IN SHANGHAI” can be found on lining of tongue. In recent two years, Meermin have not been satisfied with being