My Shoe Collection, StefanoBi

I have introduced this brand, which was founded by Stefano Branchini then sold to LVMH group to make Louis Vuitton and Berluti shoes. For some period, StefanoBi brand existed while the factory made shoes for the other two. Style wise StefanoBi is very close to Berluti, great patina with daring design.


Elongated small square toe, and you can tell the last is quite narrow and my standard width foot pops out.


My pair is chukka boot, and blue grey purple patina is a signature of Berluti if I don’t remember wrong.


Blake stitched and you can find the fudge is the top level I have ever seen, even on bespoke shoes!

Lavorato A Mano on the fiddleback waist means Handmade in Italian.

The extent of fiddleback is unseen in Ready To Wear shoes, very well executed.


Leather quality is amazing and Italian leathers are very good, but why French tanneries are more preferred?


Today StefanoBi does not exist as a brand, but if you find any on the market, you know you grab a pair of Berluti in a bargain.