An Interview with JIANG Daoyuan, Founder of Badia

I’m afraid that many people are not familiar with this name, but his experience in shoemaking, among domestic shoemakers, is very orthodox and academic. As a Stefano Bemer studio trainee, after returning to China, JIANG Daoyuan became a bespoke shoemaker and later, created his own shoe brand Badia. As curious as everyone is about this

An Interview with FU Jie, Founder of Yearn Shoemaker/SLIMSHOES

FU Jie is the founder of the SLIMSHOES brand, which was established in 2018. SLIMSHOES/Yearn Shoemaker is a brand based in Chengdu, At present, there are two physical stores in Chengdu, and there are also online stores on Taobao. The UK haberdashery Arterton is carrying them to showcase to discerning customers in Europe. Main players

An Interview with Sevan Minasian, the Founder of ClassicShoesForMen

Sven Minasian is a very special gentleman who not only loves donning dress shoes but also collecting dress shoes. I always share a concept that dress shoes are useful art works, and Mr. Minasian’s collection is the cream of the ice. You can visit his website to check a lot of fantastic shoes such


这是2021制鞋大赛参赛选手专访的第八篇。 开始学习制鞋不久的选手,对于这样的年轻人和这个传统手工艺行业的新鲜血液,我们欣喜而支持。 小伙子跟我说,希望父亲看到这篇文章,会为自己骄傲,也认同自己做出的职业选择。 这绝不是一份光鲜的工作,但在目前的工业化社会里,它是与人贴近的艺术。 Post Views: 1,578