Unboxing Butterfly Loafer Hawthorne from J.FitzPatrick

J.FitzPatrick is the best designed middle range shoe brand in the market, and it has two signature features, one is clashing colours and textures on a pair of shoes or boots, the other is to bring the antique models back to modern age, such as button boots and Butterfly Loafer just like this model, Hawthorne.

Carlos Santos一片式牛津Francis开箱

这是一双开箱过的鞋子,为什么又开箱一次呢?因为我想看看,同一双鞋,在我自己的知识和关注点变了以后,看到的东西是否还一样。 对于Carlos Santos,就没什么想多介绍的了,有实力的大厂,就这么简单的一个定义。 话不多说,走起。 Post Views: 1,732