My Shoe Collection, Unknown Model from Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones is the midrange English shoe brand I admire so much as its aesthetics is mainly conservative and English and its last iteration catches the rhythm of time. This pair was made for a company called Swan Shoe Company and today I cannot find information on the internet. And this model never appears

My Shoe Collection, Piccadilly from Church’s

Berluti and Church’s, two most successful dress shoe brands in the world, one backed by LVMH, the other Prada. Church’s even wins due to its much broader female customer base. Last year, Church’s price surged pretty much, which drew a lot of curses from classic menswear community. I don’t think Church’s care about this tiny

My Shoe Collection, John Lobb St. James Bespoke

The pinnacle in bespoke shoemaker even it is not so relevant as it was, not the only servant to Royal family or other powerful figures in the world, not the best or most beautiful shoes producer, John Lobb St. James occupies the highest position in this community with very little complain. When many people entered