My Shoe Collection, 106 from Saint Crispin’s

The best representee of Austrian shoemaking, at least in Ready To Wear. There are several world famous bespoke shoemakers in Austria, such as Maftei, Materna and the Austrian John Lobb, Scheer Schone & Co. Speaking about Ready To Wear, actually Ludwig Reiter is more known to local people, however Saint Crispin’s built its reputation globally.


说到奥地利的皮鞋品牌,大家会想到谁呢?答案一定是Saint Crispin’s。非常好看,曾经被人传颂的超高手工,然后木钉底,奥地利这个欧洲文艺之城的加成,综合起来,成就了它出道即巅峰,直接硬刚英国的顶级品牌,绝对不丢份。 Post Views: 1,689

Model Archive – Zonkey Boot

For Austrian Ready to Wear, the most renowned brand must be Saint Crispin’s, who is the next? Zonkey Boot. Zonkey Boot has a lot history with Saint Crispin’s as the two founders are family relatives, and they even share a same Sailor last! Although both are authentic Austrian brands, Saint Crispin’s actually has its production/workshop