My Shoe Collection, 106 from Saint Crispin’s

The best representee of Austrian shoemaking, at least in Ready To Wear. There are several world famous bespoke shoemakers in Austria, such as Maftei, Materna and the Austrian John Lobb, Scheer Schone & Co. Speaking about Ready To Wear, actually Ludwig Reiter is more known to local people, however Saint Crispin’s built its reputation globally.

It is said that Saint Crispin’s was the RTW which is closest to bespoke craftsmanship. And it is, not only on the make, but also the price.

Let us check my pair.


Lasts of Saint Crispin’s are very Italian with slightly Austrian flavor, among which, Classic is the roundest and most elegant one I appreciate.

You may only notice the toe is round but miss it is also elongated.


A plain toe three eyelets derby. For such simple derbies, the only design place would be the ear shape, and Saint Crispin’s has done a satisfactory job.


This sand yellow colour is really rare and I suspect it was hand painted. It is very suitable for summer and light suits or jacket.

The creases are super fine and the coating layer is the thinnest I have ever seen. This upper leather is just top notch.


This is how Saint Crispin’s conquered the world with its beautiful waist. Wood pegging is the traditional shoemaking construction in Austria and seldom known outside. Saint Crispin’s introduces its fascination to the world and it is very well received.

The bevelled waist reminds a lot of seasoned shoe enthusiasts of English bespoke shoes.


Because of the pegged wood at the waist, the goodyear welted stitches end at the waist. The stitches were handmade and you can see each bump sits well on the fudge even though the stitch density is not that high.

Fit and Outfit

F is the standard width of Saint Crispin’s and it is slightly wider than English standard width E of many brands. Some people tell the arch support of Saint Crispin’s is very impressive as the heel counter extends to the waist, I don’t feel it.

To pair this unique sand yellow, I put on pastel green suit, and I receive so many complements.


Great leather, wonderful wood pegging waist, fantastic summer shoes.