An Interview with William Wong, Founder of Arterton

Arterton is a UK brand focusing on Garment bag and dismantlable umbrella, both are not so much discussed even in the most enthusiastic communities. When every classic menswear connoisseur agrees that the devil is in the details, these pieces definitely should not be left behind. And we thank William, the founder to fill the


蒸汽熨斗可以除皱,很多人都说这个比传统的铁熨斗很好。但是这个东西是不是真的更好,还有争论。 很多定制裁缝对蒸汽熨斗并不感冒,我们也可以看到那些老店里,都还是最古老的铁熨斗。 因为对于高品质的服装,比如全麻衬的西服,它的形状,是通过大量精心的手工熨烫而成。 Post Views: 733