Unboxing Iconic Loafer 726 from Saint Crispin‘s

Austrian shoes are known all over the world thanks to Saint Crispin’s. In the early days of the spread of dress shoe information, most people knew luxury English shoemakers such as John Lobb, Edward Green and Gaziano & Girling, then Berluti in France. Corthay and Aubercy were not discussed online at the time. There are


作为一个圆胖爱好者,所有圆头的楦型,都让我更有亲近感,所有犀利的,棱角分明的,都让我敬畏且远离。 乐福是一个相对独特的款式,因为在所有正装皮鞋里,乐福是最不正式的,休闲程度最高的。(不要在这里争论Opera Pump。)正式在服装上,体现的就是棱角分明,就是我们想象的英式西服的横平竖直。所以休闲属性拉满的乐福,在全世界范围内,都是圆头当道。 而且随着服装休闲属性的升高,圆头的憨傻特性持续增加。这一点不仅仅在乐福上,德比,靴子都有很好的例证。 那么,是否有方头的乐福呢? Post Views: 120

Unboxing Unlined Piccadilly from Edward Green

Edward Green is the last destination for many dress shoe lovers, mainly because of two points, one, the conservative last and “boring” upper pattern, and second, the high-quality leather. Based on this feature, Edward Green’s Cap Toe Oxford, Chelsea has always topped the list. As for Dover, Galway and the like are just new celebrities.