My Shoe Collection, Cascade from J.FitzPatrick

This pair is a special MTO which stubbornly implant my taste on J.FitzPatrick, and the same behavior happened to Carlos Santos as well. The merit is to make every pair of shoes rounder and rounder to counterattack the sharp and elongated mainstream taste. The original Cascade designed by Justin looks like this: Post Views: 153

Unboxing Penny Loafer Haydn from Maftei

Loafers have dominated the world for its convenience and maybe informality which matches the casual trend in clothing. Except for the formal business occasions requiring oxford, you see loafers everywhere. However, in Austria or middle Europe, loafers are not as popular as the rest of the world, it seems they still prefer derbies. In a


我的入坑经历不能代表所有人,但我相信在这个网络时代,入坑之后网上找信息,然后被一些看起来最具有逻辑的信息所吸引和说服,是最有可能的。为什么说是被逻辑所说服呢?因为对于不懂的知识,我们是无法验证其真假的,那么只能通过论述的逻辑来判断。说的越严密的,置信度越高。而美,缺不够严密。甚至,高雅艺术的欣赏,本来就需要培养,而不是天生的。如果缺乏基础,聊美有点无根之水。 Post Views: 104

Resole Alden 563 by Johnny Works

Johnny Works is a Chinese shoemaker used to make work boots, and in last two years entered dress shoes field. Unlike many shoemakers which only focus manufacturing new shoes, Johnny Works provides extensive maintenance service, and got a nickname, “Value Plate King” because of its wonderful price for toe plate installment. Post Views: 1,435