My Shoe Collection, Horween Shell Cordovan 910 from Carmina

In the renaissance of classic menswear and dress shoes, Spanish shoemakers rose at an astonishing speed and grabbed a lot of market share from its English peers. There are so many shoe factories in Almansa and Mallorca in Spain, and you may think there are so many shoemakers or brands there, the fact is maybe

My Shoe Collection, Buonarroti from Sutor Mantellassi

The Italian shoe factory, founded in 1912, has always had a good reputation. It has the iconic blue outsole. But after being acquired by Korean E-Land Group, it plummeted. Basically, in the men’s shoe circle, no one talks about this brand anymore. It stands to reason that after you buy it, you must use this


文涛虽然不是鞋匠,但是以修鞋匠的身份,在所有皮鞋爱好者中成为一个不可能忽视的名字。当有人想要换底,鞋头加铁片,贴掌,都不可能不第一时间想到他,因为他的活是干得最细最好的。在2023年,他加入了Oct Tenth团队。 我认为作为宣传缝制鞋/绅士鞋/手工鞋(我最认可第一个,并非强调工艺,而是强调它的耐久和可持续性)的媒体,不是为品牌方摇旗呐喊,或者说哪里有打折信息,始终应落脚到人身上。从业者,消费者,旁观者,才是让一个物品的圈子更加鲜活的主体。 一起来了解文涛的故事。 Post Views: 98