My Shoe Collection, J.M.Weston 392

In welted (loose definition including Goodyear and Blake construction) shoes field, French brands are quite interesting. Let us first put John Lobb aside as that it is regarded English or French never ends an argument. Two prominent brands Berluti and Corthay were loved by a limited community and known more like high street fashion. The

My Shoe Collection, Salvatore Ferragamo Tramezza Special Edition

Salvatore Ferragamo plays in high street fashion field and shoes are its most iconic products. Most shoe enthusiasts won’t be very interested in Ferragamo shoes as the construction is mostly glued and price is high for its perceived prestige. However, there is one collection among its offerings is so sought after even by the most

My Shoe Collection, StefanoBi

I have introduced this brand, which was founded by Stefano Branchini then sold to LVMH group to make Louis Vuitton and Berluti shoes. For some period, StefanoBi brand existed while the factory made shoes for the other two. Style wise StefanoBi is very close to Berluti, great patina with daring design. Post Views: 1,938


提到Meermin,大家第一个印象会是什么?价格杀手?虽然没有错,但我觉得这样说,也有点低估这个品牌了。通过逐年对它的关注,我认为它现在的核心竞争力,反而在皮革上。Meermin在皮革可选丰富性上,绝对是中上水准,而在它这个价位,就更加没有对手了。 Post Views: 209