My Shoe Collection, Saint Crepin 2009 from John Lobb

Saint Crepin is the annual limited collection of John Lobb Paris to memorize the god of shoemaking. This limited collection is built on Prestige collection, I mean the basic construction and details are the same while Saint Crepin implements even more advanced techniques to show off its mastery in shoemaking. Post Views: 1,205

My Shoe Collection, Arca from Corthay

Arca is the most famous model, or maybe we call it series more precisely, offered by French high-end brand Corthay. I believe most people know Corthay from Arca, and everyone who owns Corthay will not spare the chance of owning a pair of Arca. This is the shoes you never regret buying. Post Views: 1,243

My Shoe Collection, Sinatra from Gaziano & Girling

Sinatra is one of the most popular models offered by Gaziano & Girling, but I read most apprecaite Sinatra for its iconic small square toe last TG73, not for its Wholecut pattern. This may be a compliment for Tony Gaziano’s unmatchable talent of making last. Let us check my pair. Post Views: 1,009

My Shoe Collection, Oxford from Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano & Girling is the most sought after welted shoe brand in the world. Oxford is not a category but its model name which is very unusual, but it tells that Gaziano & Girling thinks this is the real oxford shoes, the quintessential one. This pair has been worn for more than 6 years and

My Shoe Collection, Malvern from Edward Green

Edward Green is an English brand which focuses making high quality dress shoes. This description can be copied by almost every shoe brand, but the key point high quality is never arbitrary, but objective. You just cannot imagine how many very seasoned shoe enthusiasts rest on Edward Green after a long time playing in this

My Shoe Collection, 910 from Carmina

Carmina has been the most important player at the middle range price point for years. It is Carmina who started the contest with English shoemakers and I guess the target was Crockett & Jones telling from the price. At a lower position, Carmina offered closed channel construction and Jon Rendenbach leather sole which were regarded