An Interview with Victor Besnard, owner of Besnard

Besnard is a heritage menswear brand dedicated to crafting timeless clothing of exceptional quality from Netherland. Founded by the current owner, Victor Besnard’s ancestor as a bespoke tailoring house, Victor revived it into a high quality and handmade ready-to-wear brand bringing soft Neapolitan tailoring to more classic menswear connoisseurs.  It is a great honour to

My Shoe Collection, Hiro Yanagimachi

I had an interview with the famed Japanese bespoke shoemaker Hiro Yanagimachi. As the pioneer Japanese shoemaker studying in England, he is very kind and willing to bring up new younger shoemakers which is very respectable. I am not so familiar with his MTO offerings, and the price is slightly higher than Yohei Fukuda if


虽然作反绒皮的皮革厂不少,但是英国的Charles F. Stead绝对是反绒皮的招牌皮革厂。曾经介绍过他家的全部反绒皮品种,但是不管在哪个市场上,两个品种就是知名度和市场占有率最高的。分别是Repello和Janus。 特点来说,Repello主打防水性,Janus主打头层皮。 Post Views: 111

我的鞋之Johnston Murphy Aristocraft

这是一双Vintage的鞋。为什么一开始要说这句话呢?因为Johnston Murphy这个品牌今天还在,如果我没记错,淘宝还有卖。大部分都是胶粘鞋,也有极个别的缝制鞋。产地大部分应该是在印度或者其他东南亚国家,反正不是中国产的,更加不是美国产的。 Post Views: 84